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To describe in detail the process by which the sport of speed skating can be changed by proposals from the grass-roots level.  All speed program changes must be approved by a majority of the speed coaches in the 9 regions, approved by the Speed Committee, and approved by the USA/RS Board of Directors.  A program change is defined as; any change in events, divisions, distances, or age groups to be skated in Regional and National Championship competition.


Administrative changes are the responsibility of the Speed Committee and must be approved by the USA/RS Board of Directors.  Administrative changes are defined as; rulebook correction/clarification, officiating standards/requirements, and changes pertaining to the conduct of championships.



Regional Representative, one speed coach elected by record vote from each region, designated as their regional representative, capable of acting as a conduit for information between regions and the speed committee.  The regional representative must attend regional coaches meetings to facilitate discussions of current proposals, solicit new proposals, and act as proctor for the required record votes.  (See Speed Regional Representative Requirements)


Each Regional Representative shall arrange a regional coaches meeting, during their regional championships, to encourage discussion of new ideas, formulate these ideas into written proposals, and conduct a record vote on these proposals by the coaches.  The regional representative shall then submit their regions proposals, with the record vote, at the National Regional Representatives meeting conducted during the National Championship meet.


At the National Regional Representatives meeting all proposals from all regions will be presented and discussed.  Similar proposals from multiple regions will be combined into consensus proposals by the group.  The regional representatives will then vote on which proposals to present to the Speed Committee.


The Speed Committee will meet at the National Championship meet following the regional representatives meeting to review proposals from the regions.  The Speed Committee shall provide the Regional Representatives with a copy of their meeting minutes indicating the disposition of all proposals submitted. 


The meeting minutes will be available prior to the completion of the National Championship.





Proposals approved by the Speed Committee will be posted on the USARS website no later than September 15th for review by all coaches and the general membership.  A hard copy of the proposals will also be sent, via Certified mail with a return recipt, to each regional represenative no later than September 15th.


Each Regional Representative shall arrange a second regional coaches meeting, to discuss and conduct a record vote on the nationwide proposals posted on the USARS website.  This meeting must be completed and the record vote on the nationwide proposals faxed to the National Office by December 31st.


The Speed Committee will audit the nationwide proposal record votes from the regions, and forward, with committee recommendations, all proposals receiving majority approval to the National Board of Directors for action at the Spring Board meeting. 


Proposals approved by the Board of Directors at the spring meeting will be effective the following skating season.


Majority approval is defined as the approval of a majority of coaches from six or more of the nine regions, documented by record vote.


In the event that nationwide proposals posted on the USARS website do not get a majority of regions submitting record votes by the December 31st deadline.  The Speed Committee will then be responsible for the disposition of all proposals.


The Speed Committee shall for each proposal:

a.  Approve the proposal and forward it to the National Board for action.

b.  Reject the proposal.

c.  Table the proposal and send it back to the regional representatives.