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(Approved by USARS Board - 2/23/08)

Job Description:


Each of the nine regions, at their regional championship contest, is required to elect a Speed Coach to represent their region.  This individual is to act as a conduit for sport specific information i.e.; Rule changes, Proposals for new events, and Sports Science Innovations that can enhance the sport of Speed Skating.   Going to and coming from, The Speed Committee and the other 8 Regional Representatives.




The speed coaches in each region, at every regional championship contest, shall elect a Speed Skating Coaches Regional Representative by a "Record Vote".


A "Record Vote" must include the following information:

1.  The date, time and place of the meeting conducting the election.

2.  The name, signature and Club ID number of each voting coach and their "Yes", "No"

      or "Abstain" vote.


The candidate must be a Certified Speed Coach in good standing with USA/RS.


Each Chartered Speed Club (Club ID #) in the Region shall have one vote when electing a regional representative.  If a speed club has more than one coach, these coaches must decide by whatever method they choose how to apply their single vote.  If clubs have multiple club IDs (additional practice rinks or satellite clubs), the voting club ID shall be the ID with the majority of membership.


Upon election the regional representative must submit the record vote by which they were elected along with their personal contact information to USA/RS headquarters for inclusion on the Speed Skating Coaches Regional Representatives contacts list.

Regional representatives may also submit their record vote and contact information at the National Championship meeting.


Contact information shall include name, address, phone numbers and email.


Duties and Responsibilities:


Must conduct regional coaches meetings to facilitate discussion of the current season's posted speed proposals up for nation wide review by the December 31st deadline, and encourage the formulation of new proposals to be brought forward from their region the following year.


1.  Conducts "Record Votes" on the current seasons nation wide proposals by the December 31st deadline for submittal to the  National Office.  The Speed Committee will review and forward proposals per the rule change process to the Spring Board of Directors Meeting for action by the board.


2.  Conducts "Record Votes" at each regional championship contest on new proposals the region wants to submit for discussion at the annual National Championship Meeting.