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USA Roller Sports

4730 South Street
Lincoln, NE 68506

Phone:           402-483-7551
Fax:                402-483-1465 

Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., Central time.  USA Roller Sports is closed on holidays and weekends.

Melannie Atteberry (ext. 17)
Apparel, Publications and Merchandise Orders (all sports)
Domestic Travel
Educational & Athlete Scholarships
Event Sanctions (all sports)
Certificates of Insurance (all sports)
Accident Insurance & Claims (all sports)
Roller Derby Sport Committee

Brent Benson (ext. 13)
Hockey Related Items (Inline and Rink Hockey)
Hockey Specific Rule Questions
Hockey Coaches (memberships, tests, renewals and upgrades)
Hockey Officials (memberships, tests, renewals and upgrades)
Hockey Camps, Clinics and Seminars
Hockey Team USA-Qualification
Hockey Sport Committees
Hockey Memberships (new and renewing)
Hockey Non-competitive Memberships (new and renewing)
Hockey Club and League Charters (new and renewing)
Slalom Related Items
Roller Derby Memberships (new and renewing)
Advertising-Website, Email, Magazine, National Programs

Kevin Kmetz (ext. 20)
Memberships- Figure (new and renewing)
Memberships – Speed (new and renewing)
Non-competitive Memberships-Figure & Speed (new and renewing)
Club Charters-Figure & Speed (new and renewing)
Membership Transfers
Sport Sponsorships/Rights Fees
Speed Coaches (memberships, testing, renewals and upgrades)
Figure Coaches (memberships, testing, renewals and upgrades)
Speed Officials (memberships, testing, renewals and upgrades)
Figure Officials (memberships, testing, renewals and upgrades)
Background Checks – Speed
Background Checks – Figure

Ricci Porter (ext. 14)
Speed Related Items 
Speed Specific Rule Questions
Speed Camps, Clinics & Seminars
Speed Outdoor National Championships
Speed Team USA-Qualification
Speed Sport Committee
Elite Athlete Health Insurance (all sports)
Operation Gold Program (all sports)
US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA)
USARS Magazine
USOC Related Activities & Events
USARS Branding, Logo & Marks Use
USA Roller Sports Operations

Michael Stieb (ext. 21)
USARS Website and USARS Info on USOC & FIRS Website
USARS News Updates via the Internet
USARS Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)

Peggy Young (ext.15)
Board of Directors and Board Meetings
International Teams and International Team Travel
Inline Hockey World Team
Figure Skating World Team
Rink Hockey World Team
Speed World Team
National Committees (except sport committees)
Official Protests (forwarded to Membership/Eligibility Committee)
Rules Questions (Bylaws & General Rules)
Figure Skating Related Items (Figure Sport Committee and Figure Related Items – Liaison)
National Championship Officials

National Museum of Roller Skating (ext. 16)
National Museum of Roller Skating