USARS Skating App

Phase I of the new USARS Skating App has been released and can be purchased at the iTunes App Store for $19.99. 
This APP has been put together by USARS' finest professionals in an effort to help new coaches, as well as seasoned coaches and athletes develop to the highest level of performance.
Complete with a high definition video library of instructional freestyle videos that can be slow motioned as well as freeze framed.  Athletes’ performances can be recorded and analyzed precisely against their own, others, or with videos from the instructional video library of the APP using side-by-side comparison or overlay features and slow motion controls. Draw features for baselines and other issues of the body are also available.  A very special feature is “Draw your Program” with the ability to sketch your program and sync it to your program’s music.  Athlete’s can carry their routines with them wherever they go. 
Features also on the APP include skating games to play and learn, proficiency requirements, judges score factors for items, competitions dates with updates, dictionary, National office staff information, about USARS and history, and a National rink locater.
Weekly updates as they become available.
Phase II we will be adding Pairs, Figures, Speed and Rink Hockey as the next addition with filming at the 2013 National Championships.  As time becomes available Dance, Roller Derby and Inline Hocky will be added.
This APP is not to replace Professional Coaching, but is a tool to be used alongside the instruction of a professional coach to enhance performance.  Do not delay, purchase your APP now.

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