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Doris GiardiniDORIS GIARDINI – 1930-2014 

Richard Giardini provided the following skating history for his mother, Doris Giardini.    

Doris was born was born October 9, 1930, and passed away at her home in Denver, Colorado on May 1, 2014. She started her long skating career in 1949 at Mammoth Gardens in Denver. It was there that she met Jim Giardini, and they were married on June 11, 1951. (Jim preceded her in death in 2005.)

In 1963 they transferred to the Warnoco Skating Club in Greeley, Colorado. Jim and Doris were instrumental in introducing free dance to the US in the early 1960's, performing numerous exhibitions of free dance prior to its becoming an official event. They continued to compete in free dance for many years. In 1967 they began competing in Esquire Dance and captured several national placements including the gold in 1968.

In the 1980's Doris moved to the US on Wheels Skating Club in Westminster, Colorado, when Jim moved to the coaching ranks. She was instrumental to the success of that club, and continued to compete in team dance with various partners as well as solo dance.

Doris was a well-known judge who officiated at hundreds of invitationals over the years. She judged numerous regional and national meets spanning a multi-decade period and judged several gold medal test centers. She also served as the interpreter for the Italian World Team when the World Meet was held in the United States.

Doris GiardiniDoris was well known as an expert seamstress. She made all her own outfits, spending hours to get everything just right. She also made costumes for other skaters, giving immense amounts of time over the years to make sure every skater she sewed for looked just right. You could always count on her outfits being something special.

Not only did Doris compete herself, but she encouraged scores of other skaters to compete in artistic skating. Her encouragement helped her family, son Richard, daughter-in-law Linda, and grandchildren Kevin and Shala, to achieve very successful skating careers. Her support extended to any skater she met as she loved the sport so much and wanted to share it with the world.

Since 2006 Doris also served as the artistic regional representative for the North Central Region. She has been an advocate for skaters of all ages and spent countless hours working to improve the sport. Her skating friends stretch across the nation and her presence at skating events will be sorely missed.

A memorial service for Doris is scheduled for Tuesday May 20 at 11:00 AM, at the St. James Catholic Church, 1311 Oneida Street, Denver, CO  80220.   

 Doris Giardini  Doris Giardini

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I received this from Mary Wehmeir who was very close to Doris Giardini and helped her with her decisions re: her cancer treatment.  I am limited in my e mail contacts and wondered if you could assist in sharing this

information about her wishes for no flowers with those in your circle whom you think would be interested.  Doris was an amazing woman and I am so glad that she went with peace and dignity.  How wonderful she skated last years national meet and had a standing O when she finished her flight even though at the time she was under treatment for the cancer.  


Bill Spooner