2014 USA Roller Sports Board of Directors Election

March 28, 2014, 4:46 p.m. (ET)

2014 USA Roller Sports Board of Directors Election

Candidate Lists Approved by the USARS Nominating Committees

Nominees were solicited for the following USARS representatives:

Speed Athlete Director - Three Year Term of Office

Club Representative Director - Three Year Term of Office

Grassroots Director - Three Year Term of Office

At-Large Directors (2) – One Year Terms of Office – Derby and Rink Hockey

Under the USARS By-Laws, the Board of Directors election procedures are established on staggered three-year terms.  The above seats on the USARS Board of Directors will be filled in 2014. This election process began with a call for nominations from the appropriate constituent memberships.  Resumes received from nominees by the January 15 deadline were forwarded to two separate Nominating Committees for endorsement.  The Athlete Nominating Committee was charged with reviewing the qualifications of the speed candidate.  The other USARS Nominating Committee, comprised of Regional Association delegates, screened the nominee qualifications for Club Representative, Grassroots and At-Large Directors.

A qualified person could nominate himself, herself or another person with their written permission if received at the USARS National Headquarters by the January 15, 2014 deadline.  Nominees must be able to attend two meetings each year in order to serve as a Director on the USA Roller Sports Board. 

SPEED ATHLETE BOARD SEAT – Any person who holds a current USARS member card, has reached 18 years of age or older, who meets the USOC definition of an active athlete and who has competed in speed skating in the Pan American Games, Senior World Speed Championships, or other senior international elite level competitions (World Games) within the last ten years is eligible to run for a seat on the USARS Board of Directors. 

Speed Skating athletes who are eligible to vote by mail ballot in the 2014 elections, must be current USARS registered Speed Skating members, who are competing or have competed within the preceding ten years in USA Senior Elite National Championships.  For Speed Skating this is defined as only those members who a have competed within the preceding ten years in the USA Senior World Class Outdoor National Championships.

Speed Athlete Representative:  The following nomination was received and deemed eligible to stand for re-election for this position:

  • Sara Sayasane of San Jose, California – Sara Sayasane has been a long-time member of USA World Speed Skating Teams, starting in 2003 as a member of the Junior World Team, and continuing through 2011 as a Senior World Team member.  She has won many World Championship titles and states that USA Roller Sports has given her personally and professionally a place to grow as an athlete.  She currently holds this Board position and has proven to be great addition to the Board.

CLUB REPRESENTATIVE TO THE BOARD - USA Roller Sports chartered figure, speed and hockey clubs in good standing, as defined in Article III, are entitled to elect one director as the Club Representative.  A single vote can be cast by the president or other authorized club officer on behalf of each club.  Candidates must have met the following criteria: (1)  Be a USA Roller Sports Club Officer for a minimum of five years.  (2)  Be an officer in a league, state or regional association for a minimum of three years.  (3)  Be a current USA Roller Sports member.  (4)  Be actively involved in USA Roller Sports programs.  (5)  Contribute significantly to the advancement of the roller skating sport.  (6)  Agree in writing to abide by the USA Roller Sports Code of Ethics.  (7)  Submit a resume and application for consideration as a candidate for the Club Representative to the Board to the USA Roller National Office in Lincoln, Nebraska by the January 15 deadline, or be submitted in accordance with the write-in petition requirements.  One nomination was received by the January 15 deadline and the nominee has been certified to stand for re-election as the Club Representative on the Board:

  • Annelle Anderson of Fort Worth, Texas - Annelle Anderson has been a chapter officer of the South Central USARS Region since 1973, has personally hosted and administered many invitational art and speed competitions, and coordinated and hosted the South Central Regional Championships for 29 years.  The past three years her rink has hosted the Christmas Cowboy Invitational Meet as well as the Legends Camp each February.  She held a seat on the Roller Skating Association's (RSA) Board from 1979 through 1987 and was their first female RSA President.  Anderson is President of the Board of Trustees of the National Museum of Roller Skating.  Since 2003, she has annually donated three weeks of her time to register athletes for the Indoor Speed and Roller Figure National Championships.  She is pleased with the opportunity this gives her to communicate with USA Roller Sports members in person. She is the current Club Representative on the USARS Board.

ELECTION PROCESS FOR ATHLETE AND CLUB REPRESENTATIVE DIRECTOR POSITIONS - June 1, 2014 is the deadline for eligible electors to submit names of additional nominees by petition for election as an athlete or club representative.  Such petitions must contain the signatures of twenty-five (25) eligible Speed Athlete electors for the speed athlete board vacancy, and the signatures of seventy-five (75) eligible Club Representatives for a candidate's addition by petition to the Club Representative's board seat slate.  The petition must include a submitted factual biography which shows his or her qualifications for the board seat and the signature of the nominee consenting to nomination by petition. The respective Nominating Committees shall review and certify each candidate prior to submission to the membership.

Ballots shall be mailed to eligible voters by July 1, 2014.  Any eligible voter who has not received a ballot by July 10, should contact USARS Headquarters at once and a ballot will be immediately mailed.  Ballots must be returned to USARS Headquarters by no later than August 1, 2014.  A Certified Public Accounting firm will  tabulate the ballots and officially announce the results.  The new directors will assume office following the close of the Fall Annual Meeting of the USARS Board of Directors in 2014.

ELECTION OF GRASSROOTS BOARD REPRESENTATIVE - In 2014 a Director shall be elected by the Board to represent the domestic and multi-discipline developmental interests of USA Roller Sports in terms of funding, management and program administration.

Candidates must meet the following requirements:  1)  Be a current and 10-year member of USA Roller Sports.  2)  Possess overall knowledge and experience of the technical aspects for the sport, including, but not limited to: competitive skating, coaching, various official assignments and administrative experience as a club officer.  3)  Be actively involved in USA Roller Sports’ programs. 4)  Contribute significantly to the advancement of roller sports.  5)  Agree in writing to abide by USA Roller Sports’ Code of Ethics.  6)  Submit a resume and application for a board seat.  Candidates will be nominated by the Nominating Committee or alternate candidates, at the discretion of the Board may be proposed who meet the requirements.

GRASSROOTS DIRECTOR - The Nominating Committee has certified eligibility of the following candidates to stand for election as a Grassroots Director for a three year term:   

  • David Adamy of Fairfax, Virginia – Adamy was a roller figure skating competitive skater from 1967 through 1988, attaining numerous National Championship placements. Adamy is an Advanced Certified Coach, holds a “B” commission as a judge, is a CIPA “A” commissioned judge and CIPA “B” referee.  At the National Championships, he has been an announcer, referee and practice rink coordinator.  He is currently a member of USARS Figure Committee, Membership Eligibility Committee, and from 2004-2012, served two terms on the USARS Board and as Vice President for most of that time.
  • John Fearnow of Fort Wayne, Indiana – Fearnow became acquainted with skating in 1996 when his wife and daughters began competing.  In 1997 he started a new business, the Cricket Loft ltd., which has been providing skaters with attractive apparel for many years.  He is the owner of two roller rinks which have speed and roller figure skating clubs, soon to add hockey.  Combined with his knowledge of skating, Fearnow feels that he has the necessary managerial skills, promotional skills, and leadership abilities to help move the sport forward.
  • Joe Hanna of Altamonte Springs, Florida – Hanna has a long history of coaching speed skaters.  He has been a club president and managed a strong speed skating teams, always looking for the cutting edge in education to advance training techniques.  Hanna has donated his time and energy to serve as a coach at many clinics, as well as coaching internationally. In 2013, he served as one of the Assistant Managers for the World Speed Team and has been approved for that position again for the 2014 World Team.  Hanna is currently a member of the USARS Speed Skating Committee.
  • Ed Harney of Antelope, California – Harney is a former competitor in speed, hockey and figure skating. He is the current USARS Vice President and Grassroots Director on the Board, and a newly appointed member of the Executive Committee, following five years on the Finance Committee.  Harney holds USARS credentials as a coach, an "A" Referee, "B" Judge and "A" Certified Meet Director in Figure and Hockey, as well as having a Rink Hockey "B4" referee commission.  He has served as the National Roller Figure Skating Championships Meet Director since 2008.
  • Ken Shelton of Newcastle, California – Shelton has 50 years of involvement in skating as a competitor, rink manager, coach, official, club president, SWP regional Board member, and Speed Committee member, being chairman for many years. He has skated in roller figure skating events, played roller hockey and competed in speed skating.  Shelton has served as Meet Director for National Speed Skating Championships numerous times and currently teaches the Meet Director certification class.  He is an Elite Speed Coach and holds USARS highest referee credentials.

AT-LARGE DIRECTORS (Rink Hockey & Derby) - The Nominating Committee has certified eligibility of the following candidates to stand for re-election as a Grassroots Director for an additional one year term.

  • Tom Hughes of Anchorage, Alaska – Hughes began playing rink hockey in 1965 and has owned and operated a skating rink in Anchorage, Alaska since 1976.  He was been a coach, authored many skating articles, and has served as a Certified Meet Director and Manager/Coach for numerous World Rink Hockey Teams.  Hughes has been a member of the Rink Hockey Committee and is its current Chairman.  In the fall of 2013, he was elected to the USARS Board. 
  • Donna Kay of Seattle, Washington – Derby athlete for past ten years, creator and organizer of two leagues in Seattle.  She oversees coaches-in-training for the Seattle Parks and Recreation Magnus Park Community Center.  Kay has been a Coach and offered on-skate-training and lead seminars in 2011-12-13 at the annual Roller Con Convention in Vegas.  In the fall of 2014, she was elected to the USARS Board.

ELECTION PROCESS FOR AT-LARGE AND GRASSROOTS DIRECTORS – Candidates are certified by the Nominating Committee before being voted upon at the Annual (Fall) Board of Directors Meeting.  Additional candidates may be submitted by the Nominating Committee for consideration by the Board.  Alternate candidates who meet the criteria can also be nominated by the Board.  Should a candidate for both At-Large and Grassroots be elected to the Grassroots position, his or her name would be withdrawn from the list of candidates for the At-Large Director position.  The new directors will assume office following the Annual Meeting of the USARS Board of Directors in September or October of 2014.

More details on election procedures can be found on the USARS website at http://rollersports.usoc.org/ under the headings of "Governance" and “USARS Bylaws”.