Announcing the 2014 USA Ladies World Rink Hockey Team

July 24, 2014, 7:32 a.m. (ET)

The following Ladies were chosen for the 2014 USA Ladies Rink Hockey World Team at a selection camp held July 7th in Lincoln, Nebraska. In alphabetical order, the floor players are Celeste Chavana, Kimberly Hughes, Kylie Hughes, Autumn Lee, Kennedy Lee, Christina Lewis, Tiffany Michels and Miranda Wiseman. The two goalies selected in alphabetical order are Clarissa Baker and Elizabeth Harmon. Alternates for the Team in numerical order are Sarah Molloy, Kaylee Logan, Shayna Devino and Janae’ Jones. There were no alternate goalies chosen.

Congratulations Ladies for qualifying for the 2014 USA Ladies Rink Hockey World Team. We wish the best of luck in Tourcoing, France at the 2014 Ladies Rink Hockey World Championships being held October 25th – November 1st.