International Roller Cup

Oct. 20, 2012, 4:28 p.m. (ET)

Photo by FiocchiInternational Roller Cup is a unique figure roller skating contest, born and raised within the years thanks to the passion and will of three former athletes, who decided to present this sport through a brand new formula. Of course it involves the best athletes of the world, and in addition to artistic and athletic high level performances, there are other ingredients such as well thought choreographies, and the natural sympathy of Italian show man Paolo Belli. All these components are wisely amalgamated by the authors, making of International Roller Cup a surprising and exciting event.



Battling out for the coveted title are 24 athletes, divided into four teams, each composed by two couple (dance and artistic), a male and a female single. The contest consists in four different rounds in which every member compete on his own, then a fifth and final one, where the entire team perform together in a group exhibition. It is to highlight the fact IRC’s organizers introduced a new regulation which anticipates what will happen at the next Winter Olympics in Sochi 2014: in that occasion, the Olympic Committee will introduce the team’s competition on ice too.


International Roller Cup however is more than a sports competition of high level, at the same time it’s a compelling and engaging show, studied and planned in every little detail to fascinate fans and more curios audience. The music selected for the performances are performed live by skilled musicians, offering a wide range of melodies of different ages and types, to challenge the skaters and give the audience a complete live show.



Taking advantage of the natural beauty of figure roller skating disciplines, within the years International Roller Cup improved both the level of the competition – inviting the best athletes of the world, multi awarded champions – and the realization. Television production is planned in every detail thanks to the numerous video cameras for HD shooting, from dollies on the side of the rink to steadycams to get a closer look at the athletes: wide angles and cranes to capture every detail and reaction from the audience, all run from a 20 square meters directing station. For a sneak peak, visit



Important venues

Always keen to introduce new elements and look for wider horizons, IRC’s creators pursue the goal not only to promote the event but the entire movement of figure roller skating. In order to do that, in the last years they’ve introduced IRC in different environments, not only related to sport. With the participation at SportelMonaco, the most important meeting between sport events and mass-media, being now a solid tradition in 2011 IRC reached a new and prestigious venues: a press conference at Italian Senate in Rome, to present the event and most importantly the educational aspects and values of figure roller skating.

Photos Courtesy of

Fiocchi Alessandro

Vignoli Andrea