USARS Roller Derby Introduces Seltzer Cup

Nov. 08, 2012, 4:51 p.m. (ET)

USA Roller Sports is proud to announce the establishment of a new Roller Derby club trophy named in honor of the creator of the sport, Leo Seltzer.


The Seltzer Cup will be presented annually to the winner of the USARS Roller Derby National Championship and will be engraved with the name of the victorious team. The Cup will be displayed to the public throughout the year at the National Museum of Roller Skating in Lincoln, Nebraska.


“We believe that our sport needs to continue moving forward, but we must never forget those individuals who made it possible for us to be here. The Seltzer Cup is a tribute to the person who indirectly has changed the lives of everyone in this community. It is now our opportunity to come together as a community and take the sport to the level of competition that Leo Seltzer and many others only dreamt of,” said Richard Hawkins, USARS Executive Director.


Jerry Seltzer, son of Leo and long time promoter of Roller Derby, has given USA Roller Sports permission to use his family’s name for the Cup. “I would be honored, and I appreciate it on behalf of my father.....I am intending to be in Fresno,” said “The Commissioner”, as he is known in the derby community.


The first recipient of the Seltzer Cup will be decided during the USARS Roller Derby National Championship, held from December 14 to 16 in Fresno, California.


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