Derby and Rink Hockey Board Representatives

By Peggy Young | July 23, 2012, 4:57 p.m. (ET)






At the Spring 2012 USARS Board of Directors Meeting, Board representation by the various sports of roller skating was reviewed and found to be lacking. The Board unanimously voted to add two sport specific seats to the Board, one each for the sport disciplines of Rink Hockey and Roller Derby.


Eligibility Criteria: Candidates for these Board Seats must: (1) Be current USARS members; (2) Be actively involved in USARS programs for the sport they are nominated to represent; (3) Contribute significantly to the advancement of that roller sport; (4) Agree in writing to abide by the USARS Code of Ethics; and (5) Submit a resume and a letter of application for the Board seat.  Nominees must be able to attend two meetings each year in order to serve as a Director on the Board.


Who Can Nominate:  A qualified person can nominate himself, herself or another USARS member, with the candidate’s written permission, can make a nomination.  The deadline for receipt of nominations at the USA Roller Sports National Headquarters is October 4, 2012.


Term of Office:  Under the current USARS By-Laws, the Board of Directors election procedures are established on staggered three-year terms.  Terms for these positions will begin at the close of the 2012 Fall Board Meeting in November and conclude at the close of the Fall Board Meeting in 2015.


Election Process:  All candidates will be certified by the Nominating Committee before being voted upon at the Annual (Fall) Board of Directors Meeting, November 3-4, 2012.  Additional candidates may be submitted by the Nominating Committee for consideration by the Board.    


How to Nominate:  Scanned nominations can be submitted to Peggy Young by e-mail at, or nominations can be sent via fax to 402-483-1465.  Peggy can be reach by phone at 402-483-7551, ext. 15.