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USA Roller Sports

USARS Roller Derby Rules Approved

Jan. 19, 2012, 12:39 p.m. (ET)
January 19th, 2012


USARS Roller Derby Rules Approved

After completing the development and testing of the new Roller Derby Rules, the USARS Roller Derby Committee recently submitted its proposal to the Executive Committee of USARS for final review. The rules were officially approved for the 2012 membership season and clubs/leagues may begin playing under them immediately.
“Our main objective while developing the rules was safety, but we also wanted to make the game fast and athletic, with few interruptions, while giving a strategic advantage to the team at the front of the pack,” said Jenna Klauk, member of the USARS Roller Derby Committee and player for the Charlotte Speed Demons.
“We hope that the fan experience watching roller derby under these rules will be energized by the athleticism of the players. The rules allow for nuanced strategies which emphasize smart blocking and pack control, while reintroducing the original role of the pivot,” continued Klauk.
The USARS Roller Derby Committee is already working with members of the derby community on the development of more detailed specifications to the rules addressing the unique needs of the Junior and Banked Track clubs. These additional portions of the rules will be released throughout the year as they are finalized.
In addition to their work with the rules, the USARS Roller Derby Committee is currently developing formal Coaching and Officiating Programs, as well as defining possible tournament structures for official competition.
Everyone is encouraged to read the most recent version of the USARS Roller Derby Rules [link to rules] and to contact members of the Committee [link to bios] to provide ideas or suggestions.

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