Staci Cellamare AKA Ur Cell Mate

By Danielle Fairbanks | Dec. 01, 2012, 3:52 p.m. (ET)

Staci CellamareStaci Cellamare AKA Ur Cell Mate with the Pensacola Roller Gurlz is the December USARS Roller Derby Spotlight Athlete. Staci has been part of the PRG league since its very early beginning in 2010, and is considered one of the first playing members of the league.  She has been skating since she was a child, and seems to have kept that speed, endurance and agility all along even up until her present age of 37.  Staci won MVP Blocker at PRG's April 15t game against the Northshore Lethal Ladies, a game PRG won 170-118.  Her communication skills and quick response to changes on the track are just some of her many talents.  But her ability to change a strategy quickly on the track, and relay it in a way to her fellow players through demonstration and placement, is truly an inept ability she excels in. 

Hometown- I've been in the panhandle Destin/FWB/Pensacola since 1991 when I moved from Oahu, HI.  Pensacola is home to me.

Personal website-  I don't have a website but I have a Facebook an a athlete page also on there.....athlete page is under "ur cell mate", my Facebook is under "Staci m

Occupation & employer- I’m a barber/cosmetologist.  I'm self-employed @ Tommys Barber Shop.

Career goals- just to keep being blessed with customers and making my own money since so many people don't have jobs an live off the government.

Current league- Pensacola Roller Gurlz

Derby name & number-  ur cell mate   #dc17

Years involved w/ derby- March 2013 will be 3 years; actually bouting 2 years.

Coaches name- Jody Nelson

Fav position- blocker or pivot

When began skating-  I’ve grown up skating since I was little, I'm a rink rat. Continued skating even when prego with both my daughters....skated up until my due dates

Staci CellamareFondest memory of skating-  my daughters are rink rats also......teaching them to skate an hearing my 5yr old say 'mom watch this' and she show me her new moves or when she gets out there for the races. Also my best memory was the xmas 92'.... I got my 595's with laser plate an wicked lips.........I stepped up to the big time from skating in some sp205's. I still have my 595's them my dinosaurs, I don't skate in them but I can’t get rid of them.

Future goals as a skater- to improve my skills, hit more people, help my team win an progress, an promote our sport in hope that one day we can skate at our civic center an pack it out.....bay city bombers on TV---------people pack in to see us!

Awards, honors, and statistics received- this is my leagues first whole season bouting and I’ve received MVP blocker 2 times this season. I’ve mostly skated WFTDA rules, I’ve participated in USARS rules tournament and I'm skating with a different team on the 1st in the Southern Bell Ringer for a USARS bout.

Other sports- no other sports, I'm at the rink Monday-Thursday for open skates with my daughters and practice after that.  

Favorite sports figure- I ran track and played soccer all through school........I admired Flo Jo (Florence Griffin Joyner). Now that I’ve been in derby......I like to watch Bonnie Thunders as a jammer and Davey Blockit as blocker for Gotham. Finally got to see them in person at the championships in ATL a couple weeks ago.......MAD SKILLZ! Definitely learned a lot just watching all those matches.

Person most admired/greatest influence in my life & why--   my oldest daughter Ashlee. she was born with dis-formalities, seizures and was diagnosed with aspbergers when she was 5. It honestly took me a while to grow up and realize she was depending on me, but she is always happy an positive. She changed my life in many ways- some things make you realize you have to step up to the plate...not just think of yourself and backing away and falling.

Hobbies-- family an skating time with my daughters, eating, reading, and I love jager bombs on the weekends and hanging T4 (trouble x's 4) 

Music during training or competitions-- rock n roll, Joan Jett, Pat Benetar, 80's

Staci CellamareWhat makes me unique and a special person-- my attitude definitely makes me unique.  I walk to the beat of my own drum.....there are people in this world that might have been through the same things as you, but no one ever comes out the same way......different choices, different consequences, different outcomes that affect you down the road........I’ve made my own path, good/bad decisions...they are mine, and have made me what I am today.

Favorite food before competition-- pasta and red bull...I'm Italian

Favorite movie-- oh gosh.....pretty in pink, grease 2, the last 3

Fav place to shop-- thrift stores an flea markets

Most prized possession-- my daughters

Pick one word to describe myself-----unique