Turning Loss into Gain

Sept. 05, 2011, 5:07 p.m. (ET)

Jarrett PaulJarrett Paul had to grow up quickly.  He has had no contact with his mom or half brothers since he was 13.  He has been on his own supporting himself since he was 18.  His dad and best friend passed away last year.  His dad had a dream to see him win at ODN and make the world team.  So this past year he got serious.  He wasn't skating just for himself anymore but to make his dad's dream come true.

I caught up with Jarrett just before he skated the 1000m on the track.

BL:  What were your thoughts at ODN this year?

J: I knew I was strong enough but wasn't sure I could put it all together.  I started to get excited the last day of track and was able to focus.  My glimmer of hope came when I placed 5th in the 200m time trial on the road.  I feel like I was nervous before the road, but then it all came together.

BL: What are your impressions of Korea?

J: Haven't really experienced too much of the culture yet.  What I have seen so far is mostly Americanized.  I like the climate.  It is similar to Florida.

BL: What word of advice would you offer other skate hopefuls?

J: Persevere.  Adversity is part of the game.  It took me nine years to make the team for the first time.  Finally, you just get tired of losing.

BL:  What is your philosophy of training?

J: Give 100% all the time.  Push to your limit.

[Jarrett made it out of heats to the semi-finals in the 1000m track.]

[Jarrett also got a tattoo while here in Korea as a tribute to his dad.]