From Sport to Career

Sept. 05, 2011, 5:09 p.m. (ET)

Nastassia HamorNastassia Hamor has a quiet confidence about her.  She is a third year student at California State University in Psychology.  One of her dreams is to become a sports pyschologist to help athletes maximize their performances.  She has also been keeping a journal of her experiences of this trip to the World Championships.  She is one of those bedrock teammates.

BL: What were your expectations when you got to ODN?

N: I don't go into races with super high expectations.  But, I did train this year a lot harder than last year so I felt strong and hopeful.

BL: Tell me about your family.

N: I am an only child and I live with my mom.  It was my dad that made me skate as a kid.  I didn't even like it at first.  I guess I have him to thank for my skating success.

BL:  What are your impressions of Korea?

N: It's my first time here.  Yeosu seems comprised of a lot of neighborhoods.  I am really surprised by the green mountains and trees everywhere. Other worlds I have been to, the track/road have been in more central city environments.  This is really beautiful.  One can really see a mix of cultures between the older (traditional) and the younger (westernized) people.

BL: How have you felt about the racing at Worlds?

N: I was kind of nervous coming to worlds because I had only placed fourth in two of the long races at ODN.  I wasn't banking on getting any races.  But, I got to skate in the 10k points elimination and ended up 24th out of 31 skaters.  I felt strong the whole race.  There was a lot of fighting in the first 10 laps.  Then, I found Annette and we were able to skate together for about 5 laps.  I felt really comfortable and confident in that race.  It was way better the second time here.  When I was here the first time in 2009 I felt like I was thrown in to sink or swim.  I guess that's the only way to learn how to do it at this level.

BL: What word of advice would you offer other World Team hopefuls?

N: Work hard; know that when you're not training, someone else is!  Always work harder than you think you should.

BL: What is your philosophy of training?

N: Have a positive attitude.  Focus on your strengths.

[Subsequent to this interview, Nas also skated the Sr. Ladies 20k Elimination on the road.]