Oct. 29, 2011, 9:49 a.m. (ET)

Modena, October 28 2011

SPORT AND TOURISM: AN ORIGINAL MIX MADE IN ITALYA unique chance to see the best figure skaters of the world and discover Luciano Pavarotti’s hometown. Customized tourist packages to live the experience of International Roller Cup and the city hosting the event, on December the 4th. Among the athletes Kyle and Heather Turley, and Joshua Rhoads. 

A weekend in Modena, climbing up the Ghirlandina, the white bell tower symbol of the city, visiting the Romanesque cathedral listed in the UNESCO World Heritage or enjoying some of the delicious food characteristic of the region, all of this along with the opportunity to attend the most spectacular figure roller skating event of the world. This is the offer provided by International Roller Cup’s management in collaboration with Modenatur, an original mix to provide two shows at once: the emotions of one of the most spectacular sport disciplines and the natural beauty of one of the richest cities in the north of Italy.

International Roller Cup is the most amazing figure roller skating contest, with champions from all over the world: athletes from Italy, France, Spain, Slovenia, United States, Brazil and Argentina will battle out to conquer the trophy in Modena, a city to discover beyond the sport event. Only the best skaters for International Roller Cup: the American champions Kyle and Heather Turley and Josh Rhoads from the United States, gold and silver medal at PanAm Games Marcel Stürmer and Daniel Arriola and the 14 times world champion Tanja Romano.

Anybody can shape his own tourist package choosing between the elements that has made Modena well known around the world, from the myth of Ferrari to the treasures of the table like Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale and Parmigiano Reggiano: a trip to Ferrari Museum in Maranello, or a visit to one of the ancient cheese and vinegar factor are just some of the many options one can ask to be included in your offer, along of course with the ticket to attend International Roller Cup. 

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