2011 USARS Rink Hockey National Championships

July 26, 2011, 4:36 p.m. (ET)
This year the Rink Hockey Championships were held July 9- July 15 in Salt Lake City, Utah at the Xanadu Skate Center in the Hollywood Connection Family Entertainment Center. The Rink National’s played host to over 40 teams from all over the national. Below the champions and outstanding players from each division are listed. It was an amazing week of great hockey competition and great sportsmanship.

Congratulations to all players and coaches.

Pee Wee Division
1.    Lubbock, TX                       Best Goalie: Jasper Harp, Lubbock, 3 Goals Against
2.    Decatur, TX                        MVP: Alec Moyer, Lubbock, 25 Points
3.    Olympia, WA
Midget Division
1.    Bremerton, WA             Best Goalie: Jasper Harp, Bremerton, 9 Goals Against
2.    Decatur, TX                    MVP: Andrew Woofolk, Bremerton, 28 Points
3.    Cumberland, MD
Freshman Division
1.    Boyertown, PA             Best Goalie: Jarrod Stevens, Boyertown, 6 Goals Against
2.    Lubbock, TX                  MVP: Ryan Carney, Olympia, 15 Points
3.    Olympia, WA
Bronze Division
1.    Salt Lake City, UT    Best Goalie: Aaron McTee, Salt Lake City
2.    Merced, CA        MVP: Sheena Schmelcher, Salt Lake City
3.    Decatur, TX
Junior Division
1.    Bremerton, WA             Best Goalie: Ryan Nelson, Bremerton 12 Goals against
2.    Cumberland, MD           MVP: Christopher Merkel, Cumberland 11 points
3.    Decatur, TX
Silver Division
1.    Lubbock, TX           Best Goalie: Logan Brewer, San Angelo &
2.    San Angelo, TX                            Britt Sisson, Lubbock, TX, 14 Goals against
3.    Anchorage, AK       MVP: Holland Elkins, Bremerton 2, WA 18 points

Ladies Division
1.    Anchorage, AK            Best Goalie: Elizabeth Harmon, Anchorage. 14 Goals against
2.    Bremerton, WA                MVP: Autumn Lee, Bremerton 11 points
3.    Salt Lake City, UT

WC Div 1st Place Washington Warriors
World Class Division
1st Place Washington Warriors
WC Div 2nd Salt Lake City Highlanders
World Class Division
2nd Place SLC Highlanders
WC Div 3rd Utica Thunderbirds
World Class Division
3rd Place Utica Thunderbirds
World Class
1.    Olympia, WA                   Best Goalie: Bill Mihay, Olympia, 2 Goals against
2.    Salt Lake City, UT                    MVP: Nic Robinson, Salt Lake City, 10 points
3.    Utica, NY

Vern Binz Memorial Club Mix Tournament
1.    Olympia, WA
2.    Bremerton, WA
3.    Utica, NY