July 14, 2011, 10:29 p.m. (ET)

The fourth day of competition at the 2011 National Rink Hockey Championships being held at the Xanadu Skate Center in Salt Lake City, Utah heated up with two sudden death playoff games and the final placements for the Pee Wee, Midget and Freshman Divisions.

The final results for Wednesday were:


Pee Wee Division

Olympia, WA def Salt Lake City, UT,9-2

Lubbock, TX def Decatur, TX, 11-2


Midget Division

Ft. Smith, AR def Olympia, WA, 7-1

Cumberland, MD def Salt Lake City, UT, 10-0

Bremerton, WA def Decatur, TX, 6-4

Decatur, TX def Cumberland, MD 1-0 (Sudden Death)


Freshman Division

Lubbock, TX def Olympia, WA, 5-4

Boyertown, PA def Bremerton, WA, 11-1


Junior Division

Cumberland, MD def Lubbock, TX, 4-2

Bremerton, WA tied Decatur, TX, 3-3


Ladies Division

Anchorage, AK def Olympia, WA, 6-1

Bremerton, WA def Salt Lake City, UT, 4-3 (Sudden Death)


Bronze Division

Salt Lake City, UT def Anchorage, AK, 7-3

Bremerton, WA def Olympia, WA, 5-1

Decatur, TX tied Merced, CA, 4-4


Silver Division

Bremerton 2, WA def Olympia, WA, 4-2

San Angelo, TX def Anchorage, AK, 7-1

Olympia, WA def Cumberland, MD, 10-4


World Class Division

Salt Lake City, UT def Bremerton, WA, 7-6

Utica, NY def Cumberland, MD, 8-4

The Final Placements are:


Pee Wee Division

  1. Lubbock, TX                       Best Goalie: Jasper Harp, Lubbock, 3 Goals Against
  2. Decatur, TX                         MVP: Alec Moyer, Lubbock, 25 Points
  3. Olympia, WA


Midget Division

  1. Bremerton, WA             Best Goalie: Jasper Harp, Bremerton, 9 Goals Against
  2. Decatur, TX                   MVP: Andrew Woofolk, Bremerton, 28 Points
  3. Cumberland, MD


Freshman Division

  1. Boyertown, PA             Best Goalie: Jarrod Stevens, Boyertown, 6 Goals Against
  2. Lubbock, TX                MVP: Ryan Carney, Olympia, 15 Points
  3. Olympia, WA


Vern Binz Memorial Club Mix

Olympia Pink Tacos def Merced, CA, 7-1

Bremerton 1 def Burlington, 4-3

Bremerton 2 def Boyertown, 5-2

Olympia Tokyo Sandblast def Decatur, TX, 6-0


Tomorrow promises to be just as exciting and suspenseful as today, as we close in on the end of the 2011 National Rink Hockey Championship Tournament on Friday. Good luck to the remaining Clubs! Congratulations to the new Division Champions!