2010 Ladies Rink Hockey World Championships

Oct. 03, 2010, 4:59 p.m. (ET)
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Saturday, September 25th, 2010

 The 10th Ladies World Rink Hockey Championships got underway Saturday night in Alcobendas (Madrid) Spain with a unique opening ceremony containing some very well choreographed skating along with some superb costumes. Spain won their opening game defeating Japan by a 12-0 margin. The USA Ladies Team will play their first game of the Tournament on Sunday night at 6:00pm local time. Representing the United States on Team USA is: Danielle Walter and Miranda Wiseman from Maryland, Debra Rusaw and Sheena Schmelcher from New York, Christina Fritz from Oregon, Kimberly and Kylie Hughes from Alaska, Autumn & Kennedy Lee, and Ceilidh Sligh from Washington. The Team is coached by Frankie Lee from Washington and is assisted by Daniel Vianna from Illinois. They arrived in Spain on Tuesday preparing for the upcoming Championships. Good Luck Ladies and GO TEAM USA!!

Sunday, September 26th, 2010

France would be the first opponent for Ladies Team USA at the 10th Ladies World Rink Hockey Championships Sunday night in Alcobendas (Madrid) Spain.  Our ladies had a little trouble adjusting to the floor, but they held them off with a very strong tight defense for almost the entire first half. They scored two very well placed sweep shots in the final two minutes of the first half, taking the lead 2-0. Kennedy Lee scored a goal early in the second half and it appeared that a comeback was in the making. Our ladies played hard throughout the second half trying to catch up, but France got some lucky rebounds and bounces and ended up with a 7-1 win. It was a very disappointing loss for our ladies, but I am sure they will rebound from this loss and tomorrow they will Brasil even harder. Good Luck Ladies! Go Team USA!!

Monday, September 27th, 2010

In an exciting back and forth battle Monday night in Alcobendas (Madrid), Spain at the  2010 Ladies World Rink Hockey Championships, Ladies Team USA was able to defeat the Ladies Team from Brasil, 2-1. Our tight box defense, which was changed to man on man for the second half, never let up and held the young Brasilian team at bay.  Even though they led 1-0 at the half, on a quick pass play from Autumn Lee, Ceilidh Sligh  put in our first goal of the second half to tie the game. After our score, the battle was on. Both Teams ran up and down the floor quickly, but neither Team was able to capitalize on their plays. Finally with just under 5 minutes left, Ceilidh Sligh put in our second and final score. We went on a four corner stall after this and would hold off the pressing Brasilian Team, giving us the win. Congratulations Ladies on a job and Good Luck tomorrow against Australia.

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

With advancing to the Elite Eight on the line, Ladies Team USA got it all together and defeated Australia 4-3 Tuesday at the 2010 Ladies World Rink Hockey Championships in Alcobendas (Madrid), Spain. We took an early lead, but the Aussie Ladies battled back to tie the game and Christina Fritz was able to score the winning goal with just under five minutes remaining. We then took control of the game and the ball, keeping it away from them making it impossible for them to score again. Nice game Ladies. Wednesday is a day of rest for all of the Teams and then it’s on to the finals against Argentina.

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

In Alcobendas (Madrid), Spain, Ladies Team USA opened their first game against a very powerful team from Argentina. Our Ladies played a very strong, tight defense the first half making it very difficult for Argentina to score. With a good defense and our girls able to run, we had some very good chances to score ourselves, but our shots just missed the cage, and they led at the half, 3-0. The second half was played even tighter than the first, but we couldn’t get the ball into their net. We held them off from scoring again for more than seven minutes, but one of our starting players received a blue card for falling on another player and received a five minute penalty. Argentina took advantage of this and scored 4 more goals, winning the game 8-0. Had our player not received the penalty, the outcome would have been a lot different. We will find out our opponent for tomorrow after the next game. Good luck Ladies!

Friday, October 1st, 2010

Ladies Team USA had a disappointing loss to England in the final minutes of play during  the 2010 Ladies World Rink Hockey Championships in Alcobendas, Spain Friday night. Our Ladies skated a good game and kept hem close, tying them and staying with the English Team throughout the match until the final two minutes. We were behind 2-1 when they scored on a penalty shot. We tried to regroup, but they were able to sneak another goal into our net, winning the match, 4-1. Quite a heartbreaker for our Ladies. Tomorrow, we face Portugal for 7th Place. Good luck Ladies!

Saturday, October 2nd, 2010

In their final game of the 2010 Ladies World Rink Hockey Championships being held in Alcobendas, Spain Friday night, Team USA suffered it’s worse loss of the Tournament to a very strong Team from Portugal, 14-2. The Ladies played an excellent first half finishing the half with a 3-1 deficit. Portugal came out in full force and had a full floor press on our Ladies. They had some very good shots, but only led 6-3 with about 12 minutes left in the game. At this time our coach started subbing in some of the younger players that hadn’t gotten to play much to give them some experience. They quickly took advantage of this and ran the score up on us. This would give us an 8th Place finish, not as good as last World’s, but still in the upper eight in the World. Great job Ladies. Let’s practice hard, prepare well and get ready for the next Ladies World’s in Argentina in 2012. I know with the experience you got here and with two years to prepare, you will get us back into the upper four in the World.

In the Championship game of the 2010 Ladies World Rink Hockey Championships held in Alcobendas (Madrid), Spain, Argentina defeated France 5-1 to become World Champions for the fourth time. The final standings for the top eight Teams were: 1. Argentina. 2. France. 3. Spain. 4. Germany. 5. Colombia. 6. England. 7. Portugal.

8. United States. The next Ladies World Rink Hockey Championships will be in Argentina in 2012. Ladies, let’s start training now and Medal in the next World Championships. We know you can do it.