The World Meets Adventure Begins

Nov. 23, 2010, 8:25 p.m. (ET)
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Courtney Donovan and Natalie Motley are flying in to the 2010 Roller Figure World Championships in Portimao, Portugal a little faster than they had originally planned. Both families moved travel arrangements ahead when travel advisories warned travelers to avoid the expected 24-hour general strike on the 24th of November by Unions in Portugal.
According to Philips Country Operational Travel Manager, Elisabeth Douma, hundreds of thousands of workers are expected to walk off their jobs in Lisbon and large demonstrations are planned. Travelers can expect disruptions nationwide as transport systems are expected to be paralyzed during the 24-hour strike. She suggested that anyone with travel plans during this time should monitor media for news and check travel arrangements with their travel service. Traffic on roadways leading to airports is expected to be slower, airports may become very crowded, and check-in as well as security lines will be long.

The Donovan and Motley families took this as a cue to pack fast and leave early while full services are in place in Lisbon, the destination airport. Every World Championship is an adventure, but Courtney says this is the fastest she has ever packed. Now, both girls have a little breathing room in Portugal and can relax and have great skate performances. Go (early) Team USA!