It's All In the Luck of the Draw

Nov. 22, 2010, 3:31 p.m. (ET)
The long-awaited draw for the Junior Figure Skating Events at the 2010 Roller Figure World Championships in Portimao, Portugal has been announced.  Click to view draw

The draw for each event includes these important aspects of the event:
• A draw can determine the skating order for the athletes in all solo dance, team dance, singles and pairs events.
• A draw can select the exact figures (from three or four groups of four figure/loop combinations) that skaters will be required to execute in compulsory figures. This draw narrows 12 to 16 possible figures down to four.

The draw for the skating order in every roller figure skating event is important, because it determines how few or many others are seen before a each skater's performance. Each athlete or coach may hope for earlier, mid-event or later positions based on their individual skating needs. Some like to get it over with and breathe easier while the event skates. Others like a little time to shake off the nerves before their performance. Many are comfy in any position... and just glad for the opportunity to skate in such good company.

The one position that most hope they do not get is the first skating performance, regardless of the event. The first skater sets a judging standard from which the following skaters will rise above or skate below. Thanks to the luck of the draw, none of our Junior Team USA skaters are required to set the pace.