July 22, 2010, 2 p.m. (ET)

After the conclusion of the 2010 National Rink Hockey Championships at Bremerton Skateland in Bremerton, Washington a new USA Ladies Rink Hockey Team was selected to participate at the 2010 FIRS-CIRH Ladies World Rink Hockey Championships. The Championships will run September 25th through October 2nd in Alcobendas (Madrid), Spain. The selection camp was over three hours of drills, exercises and scrimmages to choose the ladies to represent the United States.  The final results were:

USA Women’s National Team

Ceidilh Sligh from Bremerton, WA

Kylie Hughes from Anchorage, AK

Christina Fritz from Portland OR

Kimberly Hughes from Anchorage, AK

Kennedy Lee from Bremerton, WA

Autumn Lee from Bremerton, WA

Shilo Schmelcher from Utica, NY

Lisa Joosten from Bremerton, WA


Danielle Walter from Cumberland, MD

Debbie Rusaw from Pismo Beach, CA


Alternates were:

Sheena Schmelcher from Utica, NY

Miranda Wiseman from Cumberland, MD

Elaine Trussell from Salt Lake City, UT

Sarah Edmunson from McKenna, WA

Shanelle Enlow from Olympia, WA

Sheree Enlow from Olympia, WA

Alternate Goalie:

Bethany Near from Bremerton, WA


Congratulations to all of the Ladies who tried out. Keep up the good work practice hard and Good Luck in Spain. GO TEAM USA!!