Jan. 11, 2010, 1:10 p.m. (ET)

As a goalie on Team USA Jetta helped her team win the gold medal in Varese, Italy last summer at the FIRS Women's  World Championships. Jetta just recently was awarded a $4000 scholarship by the USARS Foundation to continue her education goals.

JETTA RACKLEFF – Bend, Oregon.  Age 17, has been skating since age 4 and competing in inline hockey for 4 years as well as being a member if the J2 National Down Hill Skiing Team that recently trained during July/August in Chile.  Plays the cello.  Educational goal: Chemical Engineering.  Club member COISC Bend Bullets and Tour Jaguars (AAU).  “I really would like to see inline hockey grow enough for it to be in the Olympics. In Varese, Italy I played as one of the goalies for the (USARS) USA Women's Team. The entire competition showed a very high caliber of play whether it was men's or women's. It was a whole different kind of play when we played teams from other countries. They had completely different styles of shooting or tactics which was a fun challenge to stop or read the play from other teams.  When we first arrived, I was very impressed by the organization with our flights, hotel, food and transportation. It must have taken forever to book that many hockey players.”

 When we began the games, the teams I was most impressed by were Finland, who we played in round robin, France, who we played in semis, and Czech, who we played in the finals. Goalie-wise, I was more impressed with Canada's and Czech's goalies that seemed to know their angles and other things very well and it was rewarding being put against some good competition in the goal. Playing in the final game was one of the most fun and biggest adrenaline rushes I've had and it was very rewarding when all the hard work paid off. As a team, we all seemed to gel really well. The girls in front of me wasted no time in getting down passing to each other and instinctively knowing where each other are. It was cool to watch us come together from everywhere, and in the short time that we were competing, they played as if they had been together for years. Team captains and the coaches I felt made responsible decisions and also made sure that everyone got a fair taste of World Championship action. Our winning goal in the semis was because of some good teamwork to make the extra pass for a good shot instead of being selfish and trying to score by them selves.”