2009 Sub 20 Men’s World Rink Hockey Championships

Sept. 29, 2009, 11 a.m. (ET)

The 4th Sub 20 Men’s World Championships got underway on Sunday, September 27th in Bassona del Grappa, Italy. Seventeen Nations are participating including: Spain, Portugal, Italy, Uruguay, South Africa, England, India, Germany, Colombia, Australia, Holland,  Switzerland, Angola, Chile, France, Argentina and the USA.

Team USA, coached by Pat Ferguson and assisted by Toby Tagliapietra consists of: Jordon Andrews, Logan Brewer, Leonard Burnett, Allen Davis, Holland Elkins, Larry Hansen, Logan Reil, Nathan Schlessman, Shawn Schmelcher, and Jonathan Watson.

Their first game against Argentina was quite a well played game. Although we lost by a score of 12-3, we played them a lot closer and better than the score suggests. We had some good plays on offense as well as defense and put together a good looking game plan. They got a few breaks when we lost our concentration a couple times, but overall, we were very competitive with this South American powerhouse. Our guys showed a lot of poise in this game as well as a lot of promise for the upcoming games. I think the can regroup and get the job done. Our scorers were Shawn Schmelcher with 2 goals and Nathan Schlessman with 1 goal. Tomorrow we play Australia. GO USA!