Executive Committee Approval (Figure Skating) September 2009

Sept. 06, 2009, 10:10 a.m. (ET)

During the April 2009 Meeting: The Board approved the Figure Committee’s recommendation for the Juvenile/Elementary C Free Skating division events; (boys and girls) for inclusion into USARS competitive structure for the 2009-2010 skating season. The Figure Committee was to determine criteria for this event, to be approved by Executive Committee.
JUVENILE/ELEMENTARY (C )  (age 12 & under)
TIME LIMIT: no minimum, maximum 2:00
Content requirements: maximum of 5 jumps not to exceed 1 rotation. One jump combination, maximum of 3 jumps (no more than single rotation). Maximum of 3 spins (no camel spins, may use sit position). No repeated items (spins or jumps) unless used in the combination. One sequence of primary, secondary, or advance footwork must be included.