Winning the Silver Brings Turley to His Knees

Nov. 20, 2009, 4:52 p.m. (ET)

Kyle Turley and Heather Menard skated the Freedance of a lifetime in the Senior World Class Dance event at the Messe Freiburg Convention Center in Freiburg, Germany. The scores were wonderful - even a perfect ten in the mix - and they won the Silver Medal.

But, the real surprise came during the award ceremony when Kyle jumped off the pedestal and dropped to one knee to propose to his long-time dance partner and sweetheart, Heather. The crowd went wild as the most precious prize ever was offered to Heather... the diamond ring. The Italians made as much noise as Team USA, and all countries joined in celebrating this special moment.

Billie Duffy (Heather's Grandma) cried happy tears, Jack Duffy (Heather's Grandpa) grinned and the whole arena felt honored to be included in this proposal. We are sure she accepted!