Team USA Works to Deliver Content

Nov. 19, 2009, 10:11 a.m. (ET)

The Messe Freiburg Convention Center in Freiburg, Germany is heaven for a spectator, but the beautiful looking floor is a challenge for the senior skaters. The pristine, shiny white surface -  which photographs so well - appears to be laid on particle board, and some Team USA members have joined skaters from other countries who rushed to the wonderful vendor area to buy sticky wheels to help stabilize their skating. The volunteers are doing an excellent job of keeping the floor clean and free of debris, but all of the athletes are cautious, because they never know how the surface will respond to their wheels.

Under these conditions, Team USA's Kylee Burger fought for her content, delivered a great performance in her short program and landed in third place. She is right behind Deborah Sbei who is holding first place and Tanja Romano who is in second place. Our other Team USA singles skaters performed very well, too. Brittany Pricer is 12th and Courtney Donovan is 18th after skating their ladies short programs. Dereyk Leonard is currently 15th, Alexander Poland is 17th and Troy Tucker is 19th after skating in the men's short freeskating event. Troy had a very tentative warmup at his first World Championship, so his big proud smile for the judges and the crowd at the end of his program was heartwarming.

Robert Hines and Aubrey Orcutt were also solid and exciting. They are in 3rd place behind the two Italian teams. Alexander Poland/Mackenzie Wriedt are 8th and Eric Hadley/Siobhan Boismier are 9th in the senior pairs after their short programs.