Team USA Has Beauty Queens and Dancing Machines

Nov. 15, 2009, 6:10 a.m. (ET)

The solo compulsories are exciting, but solo free dance gives our coaches an opportunity to show off the glamourous personalities of their dance skaters - while still demonstrating technical abilities, poise, precision and style.

Team USA was poised for another podium experience when Nicole Leonard and Maya Goody went into the Solo Free Dance holding 1st and 3rd place after compulsories. Nicole's rendition of "Firebird" took the whole arena audience through a fiery experience. She skated in a flaming red, sparkling arrangement of fabric slices, crystals and illusion that was just as sophisticated as her solo free dance skating program. Then, Maya entered the floor to skate to a unique rendition of "Billie Jean" wrapped in slivers of foil and with the moves, emotion and charisma to match. It was wonderful to see an exciting "Billie Jean" without Michael and a moon walk. Maya's "Billie Jean" was definitely the female's side of the story.

The national anthem played for Nicole Leonard's Gold Medal. And Maya Goody looked mighty fine on the awards platform wearing Bronze for Team USA. Our own team dancing machines, Hector Pereria and Broach finished 4th, and Trevor Anthony and Rachel Peck finished 7th in the Junior Team Dance event.