Figures and Freestyle Make a Great Combination for John

Nov. 15, 2009, 6:09 a.m. (ET)

Josiah Bishop was holding 10th after the Junior Men's short freeskating programs in the 2009 Figure World Championship and finished 9th after his long program. John Burchfield was holding 7th after the short and finished 6th after the long program. Both skaters managed to skate long programs that were solid enough to move them up one position in the final.

The story doesn't end there, if a skater comes to the World Championship in compulsory figures, too. Not for everyone who skates singles does figures at this level, but John Birchfield does both. His final singles position worked with his figure placement to earn him the Silver Medal in the Men's Combined Event.  The combined events at World Level competitions award additional prizes to dedicated athletes who achieve the highest figure and freeskating scores when they are factored together.

In a field of 33 contestants, our Junior Ladies Singles skaters were in the upper half of the pack at the end of the long program. Shauna McCullough finished 12th and Jackie Cross finished 14th in their event.