Natalie Fights for Second Place

Nov. 14, 2009, 6:18 a.m. (ET)

Natalie Motley is at her third World Championship for Team USA, and it has been wonderful watching her grow from shy in 2006 to perky in 2008 and now sophisticated in 2009 - at least in her inline skating style. Quiet Natalie has become a fighter, and with stiff competition, she really had to fight to keep her second place in the inline freeskating event this season.

As inline skating evolves and skaters get, better technically, it becomes more essential to have the performance value to go with your content to separate yourself from the pack. This season's long program was a beautiful skate for Natalie. She drew the spectators in from all countries and of course Team USA and our supporters mentally skated along with her.

Both of our inline skaters finished with nice placements. Natalie Motley earned the 2nd place Silver Medal and Courtney Donovan, who also skated very well, finished 4th.

John Burchfield  is currently holding 7th, and  Josiah Bishop is holding 10th after the Junior Men's short freeskating programs. Shauna McCullough is in 11th place, and Jackie Cross is in 7th place after the Junior Ladies' short freeskating programs.