Bowling for Judges

Nov. 14, 2009, 6:17 a.m. (ET)

There is no road busier than the competition floor for the figure events at the 2009 Figure World Championship. Our Junior Ladies figure competitors had to carve a spot for themselves on the figure and loop circles during the group warmup, and even as the events were skated, the final warmups were a challenge. Jessica Feurstein did a bit of bowling for judges when she almost took down a judge who backed into her LFI change bracket warmup while judging another skater on a neighboring set of circles. Fortunately the judge didn't blink an eye as she dodged out of the way, and Jessica maintained focus and earned a Silver Medal in the Junior Ladies Figure Event for Team USA.

The final results for the Junior Figures include Erica Sheley in 5th place, Michael Cooper in 4th place and John Birchfield in 6th place - all good positions to hold in the whole world.