Practice, Practice, Practice and a Little More

Nov. 12, 2009, 3:33 a.m. (ET)

Practice sessions at world competitions are almost as exciting as the events themselves. The skaters dress in costumes almost as elaborate as their competitive gear, and their performances are many repetitions of the figures, compulsories and programs that they hope to present to the judges.

This afternoon's dance practice sessions for the 54th World Roller Figure Skating Championships were exceptionally nice. The skaters report that floor conditions are great and our Junior Dance Teams, Hector Pereira/Erica Broach and Trevor Anthony/Rachel Peck, and our Junior Solo Skaters, Nicole Leonard and Maya Goody, all looked polished and professional right down to flow of their hair. These dance skaters, as well as our figure, singles and pairs competitors, are the result of many years of professional lessons, intense regular practice and of course, supportive families that make it all possible.

In addition to a nice floor, the Schauenberg Hall at the FT-Sportpark in Freiburg, Germany is a full service sports complex with dressing rooms, a wonderful staff, an internet cafe for the public, a great press room for media and a wonderful restaurant for those moments when a snack bar just won't do. 

When these skaters come to a World Championship, it is not all grueling work in fitness rooms and arenas. The Team USA coaches arrange side trips, tours, shopping and other activities, to make sure that these hard workers have a well-balanced international experience.