Hear Team USA Roar

Nov. 12, 2009, 3:35 a.m. (ET)

The Senior Inline Freeskating events drew an unusual skating time in the 2009 Figure World Championship schedule. The ladies' and men's inline singles athletes usually skate in-between the Quad Junior and Quad Senior events. This season the inline skaters were the first to skate - a time that was not expected to draw big crowds.

All countries stepped up to the plate to support their skaters, the venue was full and the cheering from the crowd was strong, enthusiastic and very loud. The roar of encouragement that came from Team USA was so strong, that it could have helped push Natalie Motley into the second place and Courtney Donovan into the third place after the ladies short program. Of course, they both have worked hard for many seasons to earn these positions, but the support of peers and countrymen certainly means a lot when you're under the scrutiny of a panel of international judges.

We did not have any men skating, but Natalie and Courtney will go into the ladies' long program in very good positions.