Inline Speed Skating Outdoor Nationals and World Team Selection

June 30, 2009, 10:57 p.m. (ET)

JULY 1, 2009

Inline Speed Skating has been a more exciting topic to many in the past few years.  With athletes winning Gold medals on the ice that had come from this fast paced and exciting environment, there are many with a new interest in the sport.

July 1st is the opportunity to experience live coverage of the 2009 Outdoor National Championships in all age divisions.  Additionally, it is the Junior and Senior World Team Tryout opportunity for athletes across the county.

If you are a spectator who is close enough to witness this event in person we will be competing at the United States Olympic Training Center Velodrome in Colorado Springs Colorado July 1st from 6am to 3pm.  And if you are not here or able to see it live, we are very lucky to have coverage of the event for you to enjoy.  The day will be packed with exciting races in both sprint and distance events.  The 500 meter according to Leonard Gallatin is, “the fastest race on the track.  It is exciting from beginning to end and requires a tremendous amount of strategy.”  We will also be witness to the 15,000 meter elimination race which according to former athlete Michael Stieb “is a race of sheer will and determination.  You race just to stay alive in the event.”

No mater the involvement or experience of the spectator, inline speed skating is a tremendous sport.  To witness the races demonstrates the athletes’ abilities in strategy, strength, overall conditioning and a lot of determination and heart.  This specific group of athletes participating also demonstrates maturity, sportsmanship and pure dedication to sport.


Coverage begins at 10am E.T.