Bowe Still Golden on Skates

May 30, 2008, 3:39 p.m. (ET)

World champion speed skater Brittany Bowe (Summerfield, Fla.) recently competed at the IX Copa America (the Pan American Cup for speed skating clubs) in Colombia and took gold in the 300m sprint in 28.99.  Coming off of her sophomore basketball season at Florida Atlantic University, Bowe took what skating training she'd found time for and made the most of it, proving she's truly an all-around athlete by following up her win in the sprint with a first-place finish in the marathon on the final day of competition.  While she's now focused on her career as a student and collegiate athlete, it's obvious that she's still a force to be reckoned when she chooses to toe the starting line.

Brittany´s Main Results in Barranca:


1st at 300M Time Trial Track

1st at 42Km Marathon

3rd at 500 M Road

4th at 200 M Time Trial Road

5th at 1000 M Line Track


The Top 5 Results from the marathon are:


1.Brittany Bowe, USA, Luigino Answer Wheels

2.Jercy Puello, COL, LMT Cado Motus

3.Johana Ruíz, COL, Rollerblade Antioquia

4.Kelly Martínez, COL, Bont IDRD Bogotá

5.Sandra Gómez, ESP, Powerslide Alessi


For more on Bowe, check out the Florida Atlantic University web site at