Dec. 30, 2008, 8:52 p.m. (ET)
The US National Team Tryouts for 2009 World “A” Rink Hockey Championships will be held in Salt Lake City, Utah, at the Hollywood Connection Entertainment Center in the Xanadu Skate Center.  Tryouts will begin Thursday January 29th at 8:00 pm (Team Meeting) and end Sunday Feb. 1st at 1pm.   All male players ages 15 and above may attend.  Instruction will given to all who are interested in being a part of this team. 


A team consisting of 10 players, including 2 goalies, and alternates, will be selected to train and prepare for the 2009 “A” World Championships in July in Vigo and Pontevedra, Spain.  Selected Team Members must be committed to the training program at the time of the Trials.   We will hold three training camps and possibly an international competition if feasible and available. 


This Selection Camp is mandatory for all Senior Team players, and for Junior Players who wish to try out for the team, according to the selection process governed by the USARS. Junior (Sub-20) level athletes are welcomed to participate as well.  Leaning the principles to compete and play international hockey is essential in order to compete at that level of play.  I'd say any time you can attend a training camp it will be beneficial in developing your skills and knowledge of the game.  And we want all to learn and grow.  So feel fee to attend.
The agenda is as follows:
Thurs. Jan. 29th    8pm to 9pm          Team Meeting at Xanadu Skate Center, Salt Lake
Friday Jan. 30th    7am to 4pm           Team Training, Skills, shooting, offense, defense,                                    recovery, and fastbreaks.
Sat.   Jan. 31th     7am to 1pm           Team Training Offensive & Defensive Training
Sat.   Jan. 31th     5pm to 6:30pm      Official Game and Selection of World Team
Sun.  Feb. 1st      7am to 1pm            Tactical Application of Offense and Defense, Situations,                          Plays, and Concluding & Finishing.
Flights should all be scheduled to depart after 3pm Sunday.
Hotels available are:
Country Inn and Suites
Sleep Inn
Crystal Inn
Baymount Inn
Extended Stay
All can be Googled for prices using Hollywood Connection address:  3217 S Decker Lake Dr. West Valley City, Utah 84119.  Hotels are all located across the street, and no rental cars will be needed.  Food will be provided at a huge savings at the Hollywood Connection Dinner. Water, and drinks are free.  If possible we will attend a hockey game or some activity on Friday night.

*Note 01/05/09 -

The Country Inn and Suites and Sleep Inn is offering a discounted price for participants in the Men’s “A” Rink Hockey Team Tryouts of $75.00 for Double Queen Beds and $79.00 per night for King Executive Suites.  See detailed notice regarding these Trials.  For tryout questions and/or to confirm of your participation, contact World Team Coach James A Trussell at 801-915-4159 or by email at

Contact the hotel directly to make sleeping room reservations.

Country Inn and Suites Sleep Inn
3422 S. Decker Lake Drive
West Valley City, UT   84119
801-908-0315 Fax

Free airport transportation between the Salt Lake City International Airport and the hotel, which are only minutes apart.   After claiming your bags, use the courtesy phone in the baggage area to contact them for pickup. This hotel is located directly across the street from the Hollywood Connection, so no car rental will be necessary. 



The agenda for those interested in the commitment level of the US National Team is as follows:
Jan 29th            Selection Camp
April10th            Training Camp or international Competition, perhaps Montreux Tournament    in Switzerland
June19,20th       Training Camp before our National Championships and games being played                          during.
July 4-11th        World Championships
Vigo and Pontevedra, Spain  

We understand this is a commitment both financial and time.  Our goal is to compete against the Worlds best players and teams.  Only by training and playing at that skill and tactical level will we be able to succeed.  For all those who have the desire, time, and finances and would like to learn and prepare your hockey skills I can guarantee that you will improve your game. 

As far a making the US Team that will depend on how hard you work and dedicate yourself to improving and attending the training camps. One such player who started 2 years ago training was Cameron Torvik.  At his last camp he was rated 5th by coaches and players after being rated several camps dead last.  His dedication and desire made him a starter in this year’s World “B” Championships.  There are many who can't afford to participate each and every year.  That is fine, we are trying to develop a group of players to choose from. Kevin Hayes was just that type of player who wasn't rated in the top ten but was needed to form a team to attend the South African World “B” Championships.  Kevin did a fine job for us because he was trained in our offense and tactical strategies. 
We invite all those to participate and learn.  Our US Team changes each year, as it always does.  But training and understanding a team strategy and style of play will aid in fielding the best players available. 
If you have any questions, concerns, or comments please call me at 801-915-4159 or email me at
Jim Trussell
US Rink Hockey National Team Coach