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USA Racquetball

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US Junior National Racquetball Team

Wayne Antone IV 
  Junction City, OR   Boys 16 Singles Runner-Up
Jordan Barth 
  Cold Spring, MN  Boy's 16 Doubles Champion and 14 Singles Champion
Justus Benson 
  Sun Prairie, WI  Boy's 16 Doubles Champion
Kaitlyn Boyle 
  Beaverton, OR  Girl's 14 Singles and Doubles Champion
Jordan Cooperrider 
  Palm Habor, FL  Girl's 16 Singles and Doubles Champion
Ricardo Diaz 
  Stockton, CA  Boy's 14 Doubles Champion
Dane Elkins 
  Los Angeles, CA  Boy's 14 Doubles Champion
Danielle Falvey 
  Sussex, WI  Girl's 18 Doubles Champion
Hollee Hungerford 
  Milwaukie, OR  Girl's 18 Doubles Champion and Singles Runner-Up
Briana Jacquet 
  Golden, CO  Girl's 14 Doubles Champion and Singles Runner-Up
Connor Laffey 
  Salem, OR  Boy's 18 Singles Runner-Up
Sawyer Lloyd 
  Petaluma, CA  Boy's 18 Doubles Champion
Adam Manilla 
  Centennial, CO  Boy's 18 Singles and Doubles Champion
Erika Manilla 
  Centennial, CO  Girl's 16 Doubles Champion and Singles Runner-Up
Akul Ramayani 
  Poughkeepsie, NY         Boy's 14 Singles Runner-Up
Mauro (Daniel) Rojas      
  Stockton, CA  Boy's 16 Singles Champion and National High School Champion
Hollie Scott 
  Lynden, WA  Girl's 18 Singles Champion
Lexi York 
  Milwaukie, OR  Girl's #1 Gold National High School Champion

US Junior Team Coaches and Trainer
Cheryl Gudinas Image

Nick Montalbano

Jody Nance
Cheryl Gudinas   Jen Meyer   Nick Montalbano   Jody Nance

US Junior National Esprit Racquetball Team

Nick Birnel 
Bellingham, WA
  Boy's 12 Doubles Champion
Hannah Carver
Spokane, WA
  Girl's 12 Singles Runner-Up
Nikita Chauhan
San Ramon, CA
  Girl's 12 Singles Champion
Timmy Hansen
Wellington, FL
  Boy's 10 Doubles Champion and Singles Runner-Up
Heather Mahoney       
Penngrove, CA
  Girl's 10 Singles and Doubles Champion
Rei McCormick
Urbandale, IA
  Girl's 12 Doubles Champion
Akul Ramayani
Poughkeepsie, NY
  Boy's 12 Singles Champion
Antonio Rojas
Stockton, CA
  Boy's 12 Doubles Champion and Singles Runner-Up
Josh Shea
Cortland Manor, NY     
  Boy's 10 Doubles Champion
Julia Stein
Murrysville, PA
  Girl's 10 Doubles Champion and Singles Runner-Up
Krish Thakur
Tracy, CA
  Boy's 10 Singles Champion
Graciana Wargo
Clearwater, FL
  Girl's Doubles Champion