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Women's #6 Singles

Year Champion & University
2005 Anna Sprague ( University of Utah)
2004 Tami Barrows (Brigham Young University)
2003 Karin Christiansen (Brigham Young University)
2002 Karin Christiansen (Brigham Young University)
2001 Holly Crockett (Brigham Young University)
2000 Ning Spears (Brigham Young University)
1999 Megan Morris (Brigham Young)
1998 Jennifer Birchenough (Brigham Young)
1997 Janette Olsen (Brigham Young)
1996 Jacquie Bianchi (Brigham Young)
1995 Nicole Passage (Brigham Young)
1994 Melissa Hendricks (Brigham Young)
1993 Kim Kohl (SW Missouri State)
1992 Kim Kohl (SW Missouri State)
1991 Danielle Cramsey (SW Missouri State)
1990 Chris Cipollaro (Providence College)
1989 Jennifer Moore (SW Missouri State)