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Women's #3 Singles

Year Champion & University
2005 Kelley Fisher (University of Alabama)
2004 Kaylee Pfennig (Oregon State)
2003 Tawnya Woodbury (Brigham Young University)
2002 Sara Morrison (Penn State University)
2001 Adva Buzi (University of Texas)
2000 Claudi Corpi (University of Chihuahua/Mexico)
1999 Samantha Hinton (Brigham Young)
1998 Kim Blake (Brigham Young)
1997 Karen Pearson (Brigham Young)
1996 Lori Whitlock (Brigham Young)
1995 Kris Wardrup (Brigham Young)
1994 Melinda Henderson (Northern Colorado)
1993 Alicia Kinney (SW Missouri State)
1992 Jen Yokota (SW Missouri State)
1991 Michelle Giannini (Sacramento State)
1990 Janet Burke (Memphis State)
1989 Kelly Pulis (Sacramento State)
1988 Lisa Anthony (Sacramento State)
1987 Lisa Anthony (Sacramento State)
1986 Trina Rasmussen (Sacramento State)
1985 no division
1984 Sue Hensley (Central Michigan)