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Women's #1 Singles

Year Champion & University
2005 Adrienne Fisher (University of Alabama)
2004 Kristen Walsh (University of Utah)
2003 Kristen Walsh (University of Utah)
2002 Krystal Csuk (Baldwin Wallace)
2001 Kristen Walsh (Baldwin Wallace)
2000 Susana Acosta (University of Chihuahua/Mexico)
1999 Christie Van Hees (Simon Fraser University/Canada)
1998 Christie Van Hees (Okanagan University/Canada)
1997 Tammy Brockbank (Boise State)
1996 Tammy Brockbank (Treasure Valley CC)
1995 Tammy Brockbank (Treasure Valley CC)
1994 Kerri Stoffregen (Memphis State University)
1993 Tanya Spangler (San Jose State)
1992 Cindy Doyle (Coastline CC)
1991 Elaine Hooghe (Franklin University)
1990 Kim Russell (University of Kentucky)
1989 Cindy Doyle (Memphis State University)
1988 Robin Levine (Sacramento State)
1987 Toni Bevelock (Memphis State University)
1986 Crystal Fried (Sacramento State)
1985 Crystal Fried (Sacramento State)
1984 Kathy Gluvna (Memphis State University)
1983 Kathy Gluvna (Memphis State University)
1982 Tammy Hajjar (Marist College)
1981 Barbara Faulkenberry (Air Force Academy)
1980 Barbara Faulkenberry (Air Force Academy)