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Men's #4 Singles

Year Champion & University
2008 Tony Jammal (CSU of Pueblo)
2007 Matt Melster (CSU of Pueblo)
2006 Matt Melster (CSU of Pueblo)
2005 Joseph Lee (University of Alabama)
2004 Brady Hernandez (University of Alabama)
2003 Travis Woodbury (University of Memphis)
2002 Lee George (University of Southern Colorado)
2001 Nick Giunta (University of Southern Colorado)
2000 Erwin Bernal (University of Southern Colorado)
1999 Samuel Menache (Southern Colorado)
1998 Samuel Menache (Southern Colorado)
1997 Rafael Filippini (Southern Colorado)
1996 Shawn Royster (Southern Colorado)
1995 Scott Smith (Missouri)
1994 Allan Engel (SW Missouri State)
1993 Allan Engel (SW Missouri State)
1992 Allan Engel (SW Missouri State)
1991 Bruce Erickson (SW Missouri State)
1990 Rick Bezousek (Memphis State)
1989 Rick Bezousek (Memphis State)
1988 Shawn Fitzpatrick (Sacramento State)
1987 Rick Komistek (Memphis State)
1986 Paul Marino (Sacramento State)