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USA Racquetball

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Men's #1 Singles

Year Champion & University
2008 Tony Carson (CSU of Pueblo)
2007 Ben Croft (CSU of Pueblo)
2006 Ben Croft (CSU of Pueblo)
2005 Ben Croft (CSU of Pueblo)
2004 Jack Huczek (Oakland University)
2003 Jack Huczek (Oakland University)
2002 Jack Huczek (Oakland University)
2001 Shane Vanderson (Baldwin Wallace)
2000 Javier Moreno (University of Memphis)
1999 Luis Bustillos (University of Southern Colorado)
1998 Rocky Carson (Saddleback)
1997 Brian Simpson (Indiana University)
1996 Eric Muller (Harvard)
1995 Shane Wood (Nichols College)
1994 Tim Sweeney (Southwest Missouri State University)
1993 Tim Sweeney (Southwest Missouri State University)
1992 Tim Sweeney (Southwest Missouri State University)
1991 Tim Sweeney (Southwest Missouri State University)
1990 Todd O'Neil (Memphis State University)
1989 Jimmy Floyd (University of Michigan)
1988 Michael Bronfeld (Sacramento State)
1987 Andy Roberts (Memphis State University)
1986 Roger Harripersad (Sacramento State)
1985 Andy Roberts (Memphis State University)
1984 Andy Roberts (Memphis State University)
1983 Jack Newman (Memphis State University)
1982 Jack Newman (Memphis State University)
1981 Larry Fox (University of Michigan)
1980 Keith Dunlap (Memphis State University)