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Girl's Doubles

Year Team Champion & High School
2008 Kara Donnithorne/Staci Wood, Sprague HS (Salem, Ore.)
2007 Shannon Inglesby/Kaitlin Inglesby, Central Catholic HS (Portland, Ore.)
2006 Holly Hettesheimer/Sarah Hettesheimer, Mother of Mercy HS (Cincinnati, Oh)
2005 Shannon Inglesby/Annie Tzoneva, Lincoln HS (Portland, Ore.)
2004 Ashley Legget/Brittany Legget, Mazama (Ore.)
2003 Adrienne Fisher/Kelley Fisher, Centerville HS (Ohio)
2002 Adrienne Fisher/Kelley Fisher, Centerville HS (Ohio)
2001 Adrienne Fisher/Kelley Fisher, Centerville HS (Ohio)
2000 Kristen Walsh/April Watson, Skyline HS (Salt Lake City, Utah)
1999 Lynne Berg/Mary Martin, Sprague HS (Salem, Ore.)
1998 Megan Bals/Kristen Kovar, Piux X HS (Neb.)
1997 Liana Kerwood & Christina Lewendal, Beaverton HS (Ore.)
1996 Erin Frost & Brooke Crawford, Henley HS (Klamath Falls, Ore.)
1995 Dianne Torrey & Meghan Guardiani, Notre Dame Academy (Mass.)
1994 Katie Gould & Christy Gould, Lafayette HS (Mo.)
1993 Dianne Torrey & Stephanie Torrey, Notre Dame Academy (Mass.)
1992 Jennifer Modica & Stacey Olson, St. Joseph's Academy (Mo.)
1991 Jodie & Jeannie Eggebrecht, Parkway West (St.Louis, Mo.)
1990 Elkova Icenogle & Rusti Icenogle, Placer HS (Calif.)
1989 Elkova Icenogle & Hayden May, Placer HS (Calif.)
1988 Linda Gates & Martha Gates, Clifton HS (Ill.)