Team USA Shows Potential at Budapest World Cup

May 07, 2014, 12 a.m. (ET)

Team USA members Samantha Acheterburg, Isabella Isaksen and US Army athletes Dennis Bowsher, Nathan Schrimscher and Logan Storie demonstrated superior skill and had some personal bests at the Budapest World Cup, the fourth and final World Cup in the UIPM series.

In the Women’s division, following a phenomenal combined event, Samantha Achterburg (21 Denver, Colorado) qualified for her third final in as many world cup appearances—a great showing in her rookie season as a senior athlete. Isabella Isaksen (20, Fayettville, Arkansas) narrowly missed the final (only a few seconds made the difference) but finished just behind Achterburg in the combined, her best result of the season in that event.

In the men’s division Logan Storie (24, Oregon) demonstrated he is an athlete to watch with a career best fence, a 1:55 swim (less than a second off the world record for this event) and a solid combined. Though he did not final, the first year rookie showed his potential for future podiums.  

The mixed relay was another day and another story for Team USA and things went quite well in Hungary.  Samantha Achterburg was having problems with her back so she chose not to compete leaving Isabella Isaksen the honors.  Nathan Schrimscher and Isabella Isaksen finished in 5th place only 2 seconds off the podium.  They had a great overall score in the fence, going 18-12.  Nathan went 8v 7d and Isabella went 10v 5d.  They both had best times in the swimming event.  Isabella swam 1:06.1 and Nathan swam :53.9 over the mixed relay distance of 100 meters.  In the riding event, though they drew a couple of difficult horses, Isabella was able to ride clean with Nathan having only one refusal during his ride. In the combined,  they both ran well and had 4 good, solid shooting series --ultimately not able to quite close the gap to the podium but demonstrating they are a team to watch.