Youth Olympic Games Modern Pentathlon athletes' list

July 11, 2014, 12 a.m. (ET)

Youth Olympic Games Modern Pentathlon athletes’ list

Youth Olympic Games Modern Pentathlon athletes’ list

UIPM is pleased to announce the final list of 48 pentathletes that have qualified for this summer’s 2nd edition of the Youth Olympic Games which will be held in Nanjing, China, from 16-28 August.

2014 YOG Modern Pentathlon athletes’ list – FINAL

24 men and 24 women, born between 1996-99, have proven to be the best from the direct qualification competitions, the youth world ranking and in their respective regions and will now get the opportunity to showcase their skills on one of the planet’s biggest stages.

The Modern Pentathlon event will take place from 22-26 August. Brendan Anderson, Colorado Springs, CO will lead the US team.

In the Mixed Relay, we will have a cross-over to decide the teams. The top finisher in the women’s will team up with the last placed male and so on.

Full schedule

Event Date Event Day Starting Time (local) Event Details
August 22 Friday 10:00 Girls’ Fencing (Round Robin)
August 22 Friday 14:00 Boys’ Fencing (Round Robin)
August 23 Saturday 14:30 Girls’ Swimming
August 23 Saturday 16:00 Girls’ Fencing (Final round)
August 23 Saturday 17:30 Girls’ Combined Event
August 24 Sunday 14:30 Boys’ Swimming
August 24 Sunday 16:00 Boys’ Fencing (Final round)
August 24 Sunday 17:30 Boys’ Combined Event
August 26 Tuesday 08:30 Mixed Relay Fencing (Round Robin)
August 26 Tuesday 13:30 Mixed Relay Swimming
August 26 Tuesday 15:00 Mixed Relay Fencing (Final round)
August 26 Tuesday 17:30 Mixed Relay Combined Event