May 09, 2013, 12 a.m. (ET)
BUDAPEST, HUNGARY - It was business as usual for the Isaksen sisters, Margaux ( 21) and Isabella (19) both of Fayettville, Arkansas. They both qualified from their semi-final groups to the Women's final to be held Saturday, May 11th. Though it sounds as easy as falling off a log for them (they both have made the finals in every world cup this season) it wasn't quite as easy as it reads on paper.

Margaux, who held a comfortable lead going into the Combined event after fencing an excellent 975 and swimming a season best 2:15.99, neglected to double check the batteries on her laser pistol (laser pistols are battery powered and the athletes responsibility) and the battery literally died on her final series forcing her to "time-out" and wait the full 50 seconds until she could chase down the field over the final 800 meters and qualify.

Not to be outdone, Isabella who had a disappointing fence 776 points and a solid swim, 2:21, found herself in 24th place before the Combined. The younger Isaksen rose to the occasion and finished second in the Combined over-all with only 3 misses out of 20 targets over the 2 mile course. This fantastic effort qualified her easily to Saturday's final. So if Shakespeare was in the Budapest audience today he might have summed it up, "All's well that end's well."

Follow 2012 Olympian and US Army Sergeant Dennis Bowsher as he competes in the men's semi-final on Friday, May 10.