Yelizarova and Clouvel win Final fence and swim respectively

March 22, 2013, 12 a.m. (ET)

As the women prepare for the riding event, it is delicately poised with three disciplines still to go. Earlier today, Belarusian 29-year-old Tatsiana Yelizarova claimed 1000 points by winning 25 of her bouts in the fence before France’s Elodie Clouvel recorded a time of 2:09:09 to take first place in the pool.

“It was very hot but I am very satisfied to win. We will see how I do later on but for now I am just happy to win the fence”, said Yelizarova afterwards.

After victory in the pool, Clouvel stated, “I really enjoy this event in Rio but I must say that the conditions were tough today, however I am very pleased with my time”, before adding, “I do not expect to repeat my performance of last year when I won so I will be very happy to finish in the top five. The competition is very tough this season”.

After placing second in the fence and thirteenth in the swim, Poland’s Oktawia Nowacka finds herself top of the leader board going into the riding event. Olympic Champion Laura Asadauskaite from Lithuania is in the third position just behind Great Britain’s Samantha Murray whilst two other Brits are still in the top ten and also in the hunt for honours.

After getting off to a sluggish start, Margaux Isaksen, Fayetteville, Arkansas, is poised to move up as she enters the riding event.

Home favourite Yane Marques will be looking for a strong finish in both the riding and the combined event with her being fourth overall.