Modern Pentathlon has been confirmed as one of the 25 core sports

Feb. 13, 2013, 12 a.m. (ET)


 Modern Pentathlon has been confirmed as one of the 25 core sports that will be proposed to the 125th IOC Session for approval to appear at the 2020 Olympic Games.

USA Pentathlon is excited to announce that the sport of Modern Pentathlon is included in the list of 25 proposed core sports in the recent IOC executive board decision regarding the 2020 Olympic program.

Our ancient sport, created by the founder of the Olympic Games, reinvented to be relevant to the current global youth culture and designated as the test of the complete athlete with the mandate by our international federation to make not just great athletes, but great people.

Pentathlon athletes look forward to the opportunity to fence, run, swim, ride horses and shoot laser pistols, all in a single day, in an as yet undecided Olympic city in 2020. 

As the Olympic Games have evolved, so has the sport of Modern Pentathlon reinventing itself to ensure relevance with the youth of the world. Shooting laser pistols after running 800 meters is an example of the Pentathlon evolution.  The Pentathlon One-Stadium concept proposed for Rio will see all 5 disciplines taking place in a single stadium. These and other exciting advancements will test the world’s most complete athletes in the coming years as they train every day.