Day 3 At The NORCECA Pentathlon Youth Championships

Aug. 19, 2013, 12 a.m. (ET)

Team USA and members of the Team Canada before the Award Ceremony at the NORCECA Pentathlon Youth Championships

For the last day of the 2013 NORCECA Youth Championships, boys and girls combined forces in the Mixed Relays competition.  For Team USA Pentathlon, one girl and three boys moved up in age categories and were competitive.

Team USA before the Relay

Conner Hays (San  Marcos, TX) moved up in class to team with Rachel Coleman (Modesto, CA and who won 63% of her bouts) in the Youth B category and won more bouts than he lost.  Not only that, their team sliced their first two rounds with a 14-2 record, eventually capturing second place.

Seamus Millet (Durango, CO) and Jordan McCurdy (Centennial, CO) won all of their fencing matches finishing 2nd in Youth C fencing. Each of them had 14 victories and 6 defeats, which resulted in 28 victories and 12 defeats for the team.

In the Combined event, each athlete runs two laps of 800m with two shooting session in the range.  This is where team USA Pentathlon shined today.  Four athletes in particular burned the running course with the following 1600m running times:

Seamus Millet (Durango, CO) – Youth C:  4:51

Katie Penvose (Minneapolis-Saint Paul, MN) – Youth A:  5:00

Lucas McCurdy (Centennial, CO) – Youth C:  5:14

Jordan McCurdy (Centennial, CO) – Youth C:  5:27

Katie Penvose won a silver medal in Youth A Combined

In fact, it was the running of Seamus Millet and Jordan McCurdy that sealed their Bronze Medal in the Youth C division.

The team strength in fencing and running was fully displayed today.

After all of the Combined events, all athletes returned to the Madison Square Garden of Havana, Cuba for the awards ceremony.  For Team USA Pentathlon, we received the following awards:

Jordan McCurdy – Bronze Medal, Girls Youth C

Jordan McCurdy and Seamus Millet – Bronze Medal, Youth C Mixed Relay

Katie Penvose – Silver Medal , Girls Youth A Combined

Dr. Genadijus Sokolovas – Bronze, Youth C Team

Todd J. McIntyre – Silver, Youth C Boys Team

Jordan McCurdy won bronze in Youth C

After the awards ceremony, all of the delegations enjoyed a banquet on the deck of a local restaurant complete with live music (with the first song being Queen’s “We Will Rock You”) and impromptu dancing.

The team’s excursion in Cuba ends with a morning trip to the beach before we leave for the airport to fly to Miami and then back home.