Day 2 At The NORCECA Pentathlon Youth Championships

Aug. 18, 2013, 12 a.m. (ET)

Conner Hays in the ladder fencing competition

What is a typical day for USAP Pentathlon?  Remarkable performances!  Yesterday’s tropical storm was replaced with the expected heat and humidity of Cuba, but that didn’t stop USAP Youth!

Postponed yesterday, the Girls A Combined featured a blazing time of 14:22 from Katie Penvose (Minneapolis-Saint Paul, MN), the second best time of the competition, moving her from 11th place to 4th place overall!  Monet Moreau (San Marcos, TX) displayed precise shooting which enabled her to finish in 7th place.

Alex Guzman (Orlando, FL) set a personal record in the 200m Swim with a 2:28.07.  Luke Shereston (Roswell, NM) established the best time for Team USAP with a 2:13.58 which was the 5th best time in the swimming competition.  Conner Hays (Austin, TX) also set a personal record in the 100m with a time of 1:25.30.

In the Boys Youth C, Seamus Millet (Durango, CO) bludgeoned the fencing completion with 23 victories winning 72% of his bouts in the round robin competition and then defended his status as King of the Hill by winning the Ladder as well.  Lucas McCurdy (Centennial, CO) also had a great fencing competition with 18 victories and finished in 4th place in the Ladder.

Finishing with the Combined, Seamus Millet ran an outstanding race, passing two Cubans within the last 200m sprint towards the finish to capture 4th place overall in Youth C.  Conner Hays had an outstanding shooter performance in his second range session with 5 hits in 5 shots in 20 seconds.

Coach Todd checking a Buick with tailfins

After the competition, the Cuban Pentathlon Federation provided a bus tour for the delegations from Argentina, Canada, Guatemala, Mexico, USA and Venezuela that highlighted various political, educational, cultural and historical locations of Cuba.  This tour was guided by our favorite interpreter Frans.

In short, outstanding performances in Fencing and Running captured the attention of the crowd and strong accolades from other team coaches.

Coach G with interpreter Frans