Bowman and Anderson Lead Team USA in Youth World Championships

Aug. 10, 2013, 12 a.m. (ET)

In the women’s individual final it was Natalie Bowman, Lodi, CA placing 17th, who had an outstanding swim, 3rd place, 2:11.81 and a strong fence, 14 wins, 840 points finishing with 3,848 points. Her teammate Kristina Troyanski, San Marcos, Texas had a strong fence, 13 wins, 808 points finishing with 2,604 points. It should be noted that in the Youth competitions, there is no riding portion so the score is lower than in the older age groups.

In the men’s final, it was Brendan Anderson, Colorado Springs, CO leading the way with an outstanding fence (19 wins, 916 points) and solid performances across the board finishing the combined event with 2,280 points giving him a total of 4,416 points and a final finish of 17th place. Brendan was followed by Teddy Koerner, Castle Rock, CO in his first youth world championship event who recorded an outstanding swim, 2:09.04, 1,252 points and a solid fence, 13 wins, 748 points for a total of 3,504 points. Also in his first youth world championship was Michael Hoffmann, Tampa, FL who had a strong fence, 16 wins, 860 points finishing with 3,172 points.

The next event in the Youth World Championship is the Culture and Education Day, an integral part of the youth world championships followed by the women’s and men’s relay on Sunday and the mixed relay on Monday. The full results of the women’s and men’s individual finals are below.

Women's Youth World Championship Final Results

Men's Youth World Championship Final Results